Services and smart solutions developed for companies

Complete systems

We mostly do custom solutions, but we also develop our own systems which can be used in many different ways.

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Just take a look into our shop and see if there’s a product which can be used for your project.


We offer support for system integrated solutions which are API based. Like CRM systems, invoice/accounting programs.

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Also, adding new soft- and hardware can give surprising results. Just ask for support and we give you a free, quick research about the possibilities.


We work together with other companies to create new products. We do this by adding smart, new features. 

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Not only for product development, but your own personal projects can count on our support as well.


Get more done with automation. Let your business control itself by using CRM systems that will automate work processes and data.

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Think of invoices, emails, contact forms, orders, documents and more. This will save your company a lot of time and generate a better overview.

Building Management Systems

Full control with BMS. Our server contains the newest technology. We use multiple protocols like  KNX, Dali, Modbus, Bacnet and many more.

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With the help of our Linux server and Internet of Things (IoT), we can connect and control these systems at an advanced and safe level.


Get more done with Android for business. Because of the growth of Android, there are more and more applications available every day.

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Android has high developed security norms and can run strong performed programs. It’s not a simple software anymore. By using Android for your business your create a workplace that is a safe and simple for your employees. With the help of the device management system, you’re able to control and supervise these devices. Android is a lightweight platform that allows us to install it on most devices, such as use laptops and single board computers, so you don’t have to invest in new hardware.

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Share your information with the help of our Kiosk systems. With the use of our panels you can run your business applications like catalogues, schedules or message centers.

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You could also use it as a point where your customers or employees can sign in. With our server you can display your web-page on any screen, or we can build your personal interface, like running a floor plan at an event or use it for advertising. Basically, anything you want to display on a screen can be realized and made by us.

Security Control

Make your building safer with security control. With the help of access control, you can manage which personnel get access to specific areas and rooms. 

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Use remote controlled authorisation to navigate intruders out of the building. Or use a card, pin code or fingerprint. Most of these products are used in crowded surroundings. With all of these areas we could use cameras to watch over these places with advanced technology, like sound and behaviour recognition such as aggression, crying, motion detection and more.

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