Donect provides unique solutions for private, business and industry. We have founded Donect with a passion for electrical and IT technology. A company that is strong in combining these techniques and can thus offer innovative and smart solutions to our customers. We develop products that can be used for special purposes, both commissioned and in-house. We are good at connecting different devices and software with each other. If we look at Home automation, there are many manufacturers that work with their own protocol and applications. Combining these products and having them controlled from one point gives a unique experience. Not only home automation, but also on electrical, cameras, access control, kiosk systems and intercom areas we see more and more products appearing, each with its own, but unique system. Here too is our knowledge to ensure that everything is connected and that the best is achieved from every system.


Donect works with trusted brands and makes sure all your information is safe and encrypted.

Fair prices

Transparency is a huge deal to us. We display our prices in our quotes as fair as possible.


Fast & responive

If you have questions, we are here to answer them. We’ll guide you through, every step of the way.



If you have questions, we are here to answer them. We’ll guide you through, every step of the way.



Integration happens across different systems and applications.

System Integration makes it possible to connect multiple systems to each other and have them work perfectly together. Donect likes to help by thinking along with their costumers and give them a overview of the possibilities. This makes sure they’re getting the most out of their solution and that our costumers are always satified.


For every new and upcoming project, we’ll always use the newest technology available today.

Technology is growing at a rapid pace. Therefore, we simply need to keep up. That way our clients can benefit the most of the newest features added in their system.

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